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STEP 1 - SmartGuy® Creates Your Editable Webpage

After adding your business information, SmartGuy® automatically creates an editable webpage for your business, which can rank on the first page of search engines in as little as 2 weeks!


STEP 2 - SmartGuy® Creates Your Custom Article

The SmartGuy®  writing team then begins creating  a custom article promoting your business , that can rank on top of search engines within 1-2 weeks!


Step 3 - SmartGuy® Adds You to Existing Top Articles

SmartGuy®  then adds your new SmartGuy®  webpage on existing articles for your industry (if available), that are often already on the top of search engines.



Once becoming a SmartGuy® Premium member, we will email you a PROMO CODE to get your own CallCapture.com wireless toll-free number for less than $25/mo.

These wireless toll-free numbers are one of the HOTTEST tools around, since they allow you to (1)  generate 300-400% more calls by providing prospects with FREE 24 HOUR RECORDED INFORMATION, (2) increasing your availability by allow people to direct connect to your cell phone, (3) automatically track the cost-effectiveness of your advertising efforts and...(4) instantly capture the caller's phone number - EVEN IF IT IS  BLOCKED!  The system can even automatically SMS them back a message from you with a link to a video or a website! 


Click the Video  and listen...

" ...The next thing I knew, I was on the TOP of Google's searches... My business has increased at least 20-30% in the first week alone when I did this!  I recommend this to anyone"

Pete Gallanis  - multiple restaurant owner/operator

check our pete's business on google yourself...

It doesn't matter whether you're a contractor, plumber, restaurant owner or any of up to 1500 other small business professionals, the fact is 90% or more of people searching for a business USE THE INTERNET! If your not on the first or second page, they won't find you!

Google any of the following keyword phrases from the business above and look for the "SmartGuy" link - notice in this search, there are nearly 10 million results, yet SmartGuy®  already had him positioned as NUMBER 3 ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE in 7 days...

Los Angeles Best Sliders (FIRST page of Google #1 -11.2 million search results)

Best Local Sliders (FIRST  page of Google #1 -37 million search results)

Where to Get Sliders in LA (FIRST  page of Google #2 - 450 million search results) 

Great Sliders near me (FIRST  page of Google #1 -318 million search results)

Best Sliders Los Angeles  (FIRST  page of Google #2 - 9.9 million search results)

Sliders Los Angeles (FIRST  page of Google #3 15.4 million search results)   

Los Angeles Sliders (FIRST  page of Google #2- 15.0 million search results)   

Sliders LA (FIRST  page of Google #4 - 52million search results) 

Great Sliders in Los Angeles (FIRST  page of Google #2- 46 million search results)  


Sample industry article (roofing) we add you to!


Let's say you were a roofer for example, not only would you get everything we mentioned above but within seconds of joining, you would be INSTANTLY listed on all related roofing articles as the EXCLUSIVE recommended roofer in your city!   In other words, anyone using any of the following keyword phrases when searching for a roofer could find YOUR BUSINESS!  Try it for yourself - copy and past the following keywords on Google and look for the SmartGuy link in green. Click to see the Article you would be on if a roofer (If we don't ALREADY have an article for your industry, we will even create a new one for your industry and place you on it for free - in addition to your custom article!!!)

Cheapest Roofs to install  

Cheapest Roofs

Find the Best Roofer

Low Cost Roofs

Inexpensive roofing alternatives

Cheapest roofing options 

Cheapest way to roof a house

Choose the Best Roofer 

Budget roofs

Cheap roofs  

Find the Best Commercial Roofing 

Inexpensive roofs  

How to Choose the Best Roofer

Low priced roofs to install

Replace your flat roof

Change your flat roof

How to Select the Best Roofer 

Budget roofs to install

Who installs low-priced roofs  

Cheap Roof Installation

Cheap roof replacement  

Bargain roofs to install

Inexpensive roofing

Cheap roofing to install

Which roof is cheapest 

Low cost roof installation

Inexpensive roofing to install

Economical roofs to install

Find Best Commercial Roofing

Cheapest roofing materials

Inexpensive roof replacement

Who installs cheap roofs

Most cost effective roof

low priced roof installation

Selecting a quality roofing contractor

Guide to Find the Best Roofers

Mix Old Roof Shingles With the 

Choosing a quality roofing contractor

Shingle Types and Quality

and more!

LIVE ACTUAL SEO RESULTS from the BEVERLY HILLS ROOFER listed in above article

Check it yourself! Google any of the following phrases  and you will notice that not only is the above industry article on the FIRST of search engines for TONS of keywords consumers are searching, but many of the Premium member websites (automatically listed on the article) are ALSO on the top of searches...

> Best Roofing Contractor Beverly Hills

> Roofing Contractor Beverly Hills

> Roofing Beverly Hills

> Best Roofer Beverly Hills

> Residential Roofing Beverly Hills

>  Best commercial roofing Beverly Hills

>  Find Beverly Hills Roofing

> Best Beverly Hills Roofer

> Find beverly Hills Roofer

> and so many more!!!!

(Look for SMARTGUY in the green link and click it - THAT is his SmartGuy Webpage!)


Testimony - network marketer (envyTV - Streaming TV Service)

IT WORKS FAST!  "While it is easy to find a great network marketing product, it is harder to generate customers after you have  already called your friends and family.  SmartGuy makes it easy! I joined and within a couple weeks, my website and custom article was not only set up but on the top of Google for all of the following keywords!  Check Google yourself and look for "SmartGuy" in the green web address"  Charles Theisen

> Free PPV Boca

> Live PPV in Boca Raton

> Live TV Boca Raton

> Online TV Boca Raton 

> Live Cable TV Boca Raton

> Watch UFC Boca

> Streaming Boca Raton

> Cable TV Alternatives Boca

> Streaming TV Boca Raton

> EnvyTV Boca Raton

> Cable TV Alternatives Boca Raton

> Free TV Boca Raton

> and so many more!!!!


our guarantee!

100% satisfied or cancel at any time (month to month agreement)

The goal of SmartGuy® is for you to be 100% satisfied with everything they are doing to grow your business online and offline.  SmartGuy® is an EXCLUSIVE Business directory and network that only allows ONE professional per category within every city. They know a great deal must be done to effectively grow your business. That is why SmartGuy® will provide you ALL of the following: (1)  An editable webpage,  (2) position you on high ranking articles, (3) add you to the local SmartGuy® city business network, (4) add you to printable consumer directories, (5) Add you to local consumer directories, (6) Add you to industry groups, (7) provide you a "Best in Category" badge, (8) provide you an SEO boosting article widget, (9) provide you an integrated tracking tool to measure our results and (10) for a limited time even write a custom article on your business and help boost it to the top of search engines within as little as 2 weeks!

However, if we cannot get your custom article on the first or second pages of major search engines within 2 weeks or for WHATEVER reason you are unhappy with everything we  are doing to grow  your business online and offline, cancel and pay nothing more! NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS!



With over 100,000 business professionals and managing over 11,000 cities business networks worldwide, SmartGuy® is the largest exclusive business directory and network in the world.

SmartGuy® provides one professional in each of 1,500 business categories the most complete and easy-to-use business promotion tools available, including: an editable webpage, high ranking articles, business networks, consumer directories, industry groups, promo materials, SEO widgets, tracking tools & more!  JOIN NOW!


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For more information, email Jordan@SmartGuy.com

Smartguy® only accepts one professional per category/city!