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Try it for yourself - copy and past the following keywords on Google and look for the SmartGuy link in green. Click to see the Article you would be on if a roofer (If we don't ALREADY have an article for your industry, we will even create a new one for your industry and place you on it for free - in addition to your custom article!!!)

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The goal of SmartGuy® is for you to be 100% satisfied with everything they are doing to grow your business online and offline.  SmartGuy® is an EXCLUSIVE Business directory and network that only allows ONE professional per category within every city. They know a great deal must be done to effectively grow your business. That is why SmartGuy® will provide you ALL of the following: (1)  An editable webpage,  (2) position you on high ranking articles, (3) add you to the local SmartGuy® city business network, (4) add you to printable consumer directories, (5) Add you to local consumer directories, (6) Add you to industry groups, (7) provide you a "Best in Category" badge, (8) provide you an SEO boosting article widget, (9) provide you an integrated tracking tool to measure our results and (10) for a limited time even write a custom article on your business and help boost it to the top of search engines within as little as 2 weeks!

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